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DIRECTV is as diverse as Long Island, NY

Everyone knows that Long Island is a melting-pot of cultures, people and food. Millions travel every day to experience the unique way of life that only Long Island can give them. If you’re looking for a satellite TV provider that offers as much diversity as your town, then you need DIRECTV.

Available to 100% of America

Whether you live in Queens or Nassau or anywhere else in New York or, for that matter, the U.S., DIRECTV can be installed in your home. Unlike cable, which reaches only 98% percent of U.S. homes, DIRECTV is available to 100% of the nation. You can rely on DIRECTV to give you superior quality satellite television, no matter what your location.

Do you rent an apartment in Brooklyn? Own a house in Nassau? Or maybe you have a weekend getaway place near Jones Beach. No area of Long Island is too far away for DIRECTV, which will happily install a new system in your residence at no extra charge.  

A DIRECTV package for every lifestyle

It doesn’t matter what you’re looking to get out of your television entertainment, DIRECTV can guarantee that you’ll find a package that will work for your specific budget and needs.

If you’re just starting out and you’re living alone for the first time, let DIRECTV help ease you in with an affordable plan that still will give you more than 140 channels. If you’re trying to find ways to entertain a house full of teenagers, take advantage of DIRECTV® Whole-Home DVR so that there won’t be wars about who gets to watch what. Keeping an eye on your wallet? There are so many ways to save a ton of money without having to sacrifice your entertainment.

DIRECTV offers five fantastic packages, each with its own unique features. Most come with the same great deals no matter which one you pick, and all can be customized so that you get the best value for less money. There’s no reason why DIRECTV shouldn’t be in your New York home, since there are so many opportunities to benefit from.

Innovative technology that is sure to impress

Long Island DIRECTV customers can boast the best technology on the block because they choose DIRECTV as their satellite TV provider. DIRECTV only provides the best equipment but at a price that isn’t out of reach. You can show off your new equipment and keep the secret of your savings to yourself.

Choose from features such as an HD DVR, and be able to control your television for a more convenient way to watch your favorite shows and movies. If you travel a lot, DIRECTV provides a number of channels that you can watch on your laptop. You can even use your iPad® to control your TV with the DIRECTV App. Even if you’re not technologically savvy, you can simply sit back and enjoy over 170 full-time HD channels. These channels are broadcast in 1080p, which is basically like having Blu-ray™ for your TV.

Don’t settle for anything less than the best, Long Island

You can count on DIRECTV to give you the very best in everything because it’s the number one satellite television provider in the nation. Make DIRECTV a part of your Long Island household and discover the difference between mediocre television entertainment and the best entertainment in America.  Call today and talk to a representative about the package that’s best for you.

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